Wednesday Night Schedule … Begins September 5

2018~2019 Wednesday Night Schedule 
Begins September 5, 2018
5:30 pm~Fellowship Dinner for all ages
6:30pm~ Children’s Activities including our regular Wednesday Night “Spark”Group and a new Family Life’s Art of  Parenting Small Group.  Led by Mrs. Lynn Thompson-Blair and Miss Olivia Noone.

6:30pm~ Youth Bible Study entitled “The Thread”  led by Rev. Kyung Kim.

6:15pm~ Adult Studies featuring: 

– Christian Financial Management Course led by Mr. Sonny Medlin.  Sign-up will take place on Aug. 19th, Aug. 26th and Sept. 1st”.

– Discipleship Study led by Mr. Tommy Scoggins.

– The Prophetic Book of Amos in the Old Testament  taught by Dr. Bob.

7:30pm~ Chancel Choir Practice