No matter the age or life stage, we believe it is important to grow together through studying God’s Word. This begins on Sunday mornings at LFUMC.

Which class should I attend?

We offer a wide range of classes. Try the different classes out, and when you discover the one that is most interesting to you, join in the conversation and get to know the others in your class.

Who will be in the classes?

You’ll find a wide rage of people in each class—everyone from parents with young and teenage children to empty nesters with grandkids!

When and where do you meet?

The following classes take place in the in the Family Life Center every Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m.

  • Seekers:
    • Focus: Learn about Jesus and what life looks like following him through studies from the Gospels. Join in the open discussions and be inspired by the content, sometimes led through video.
    • Where: First floor on the right side of the Family Life Center
  • Joyous Eagle
    • Focus: This class studies different books of the Bible with open discussions and lectures. Currently, this class is studying the book of Psalms.
    • Where: The Chapel, off of the Fellowship Hall
  • C H Byrd
    • Focus: Lecture and Discussion class
    • Where: First floor on the far left side corner of the Family Life Center
  • Pathfinder
    • Focus: Dive into various topics ranging from today and peering into history. This class is currently studying denominations and their beliefs.
    • Where: Second floor on the far left side corner of the Family Life Center