From our Sunday worship and teaching to Scout meetings in our facility, our building is always bustling with activities. Events happen consistently through the week here because we believe our building should not only be a place for our members to learn and grow, but it should be a center for impact in Loganville and beyond. Be sure to follow along with our calendar for all the ways you can join in God’s work here at FUMC!

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Shepherd Staff Ministries Second Mortgage

Loganville First, in concert with many other churches, businesses and individuals in the Loganville area, is working to raise funds to pay off the second mortgage of Shepherd Staff Ministries.  The person who sold the building to Shepherd Staff last year graciously owner-financed a second mortgage to help Shepherd Staff with the initial purchase.  That second mortgage becomes due in October 2021.  If it is not paid the building will revert to the previous owner.  If you would like to help pay off the second mortgage you may make a donation to Shepherd Staff Ministries directly or make a donation to Loganville First United Methodist Church and designate it for Shepherd Staff Second Mortgage.   Any funds collected over and above what is needed to pay off the second mortgage will be applied to the payments of the first mortgage.